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Job Posting: Elementary Special Ed. Teacher

Job Description Position:
Elementary Special Ed. Teacher

Job Category:
Certified: Teacher: Special Ed.
 Certification Required:
Sp. Ed. Cross Categorical
 Highly Qualified Areas(s) Required:
Special Education


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Posting Date:
  Closing Date:
Until Filled
  Starting Date:

Lafe Nelson School
Based on the 2024-2025 Professional Staff Placement Schedule 4 Day Workweek

Job Position Details:

JOB TITLE: Teacher

REPORTS TO: Principal


To provide instruction for students which is appropriate for their level of understanding and needs.


  1. Provides for, directs, and evaluates instructional experiences for each student for whom given educational responsibilities.

  1. Maintains lines of communication between students, staff, parents, and community.

  1. Establishes and maintains professional working relationships.

  1. Assumes responsibility for co-curricular and other duties beyond the regular teaching responsibilities as prescribed by policy.

  1. Reports, in a timely manner, information relative to the progress and adjustment of students to parents.

  1. Is responsible for pupil attendance accounting as prescribed by law and the building administrator.

  1. Properly cares for school property.

  1. Participates in planning and evaluating the school program.

  1. Is involved in a process of self-evaluation and self-improvement.

  1. Is knowledgeable of and adheres to existing District policies and procedures governing the contractual obligations of his employment.

  1. Recognizes the student as an individual with full civil and human rights.

  1. Is knowledgeable of and adheres to District Curriculum Scope and Sequence.

  1. Keeps and makes use of appropriate records to enhance the educational development of students.

  1. Avoids engaging in activities, which negatively affect classroom performance and other responsibilities of the teacher.

  1. Assists in the supervision and evaluation of assigned teacher aide, as applicable.

  1. Makes referrals to appropriate personnel to address needs of students.

  1. Performs other duties that may be assigned by the Principal.

Application Details:
To be considered for this position, individuals should submit the following:

1. Application
2. Current Resume 
3. Transcripts

Apply Onlineand upload a current resume and an unofficial copy of transcripts.

Job Requirements:
Applicants must hold or be eligible for an Elementary Arizona Teaching Certificate, and be Highly Qualified in the secondary subject area for the specific position.


District Hiring Policies:
Successful candidates must be fingerprinted and are responsible for the cost of the background checks.

The Safford Unified School District is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of national origin, race, creed, color, sex, age, marital status, or handicapping condition in its educational or employment opportunities.
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