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Friday, May 29, 2020  
Job Posting: School Counselor

Job Description Position:
School Counselor

Job Category:
Certified: Counselor
 Certification Required:
Elementary K-8


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Posting Date:
  Closing Date:
Until Filled
  Starting Date:
As Soon As Possible

Lafe Nelson School
Based on the 2019-2020 Placement Schedule

Job Position Details:

School Counselor - Lafe Nelson and Dorothy Stinson Elementary Schools

JOB TITLE: School Counselor

REPORTS TO: Principal


To help students overcome problems that impede learning and assist them in making education, occupation, and life plans that hold promise for their personal fulfillment as mature and responsible men and women.


  1. Maintains a Counseling Center that is attractive to students and parents and provides for confidential counseling areas.

  1. Prepares and submits a counseling budget and monitors expenditures.

  1. Initiates, assembles, maintains and interprets accurate cumulative progress records, activity records, and uniform transcript records for assigned students.

  1. Assists students in evaluating their aptitudes and abilities through the interpretation of individual standardized test scores and other pertinent data.  Works with students in evolving education and occupation plans in terms of such evaluation.

  1. Remains readily available to students so as to provide counseling that will lead each student to increased personal growth, self-understanding, and maturity.

  1. Takes an active role in interpreting the school's objectives to students, parents, and the community at large.

  1. Works with teachers and other staff members to familiarize them with the general range of services offered by the student personnel services department.  Endeavors to improve the educational prospects of individual students being counseled.

  1. Supervises the preparation and processing of college, scholarship, and employment applications.

  1. Registers students new to the school and orients them to school procedures and varied opportunities for learning.

  1. Assists the special education staff  in placement, counseling, and other aspects of the special education program.

  1. Initiates and completes appropriate follow-up studies related to school improvement.

  1. Protects student record confidentiality.

  1. Works with administrators and teachers to prevent students from dropping out of school.

  1. Provides student information to colleagues and potential employers according to provisions of the Board's policy on student records.

  1. Works with students on an individual basis in the solution of personal problems related to such problems as home and family relations, health, and emotional adjustment.

  1. Confers with parents whenever necessary.

  1. Provides in-service training in guidance for teachers and student teachers.

  1. Advises administrators and faculty on the matters of student discipline, attendance, and academic concerns.

  1. Keeps abreast of changes and developments in the profession by attending professional meetings, reading appropriate professional publications, and discussing problems of mutual interest with others in the field.  Encourages other staff members to do the same.

  1. Works with the counseling programs in other schools within the District.

  1. Maintains relations with local counseling organizations and other related agencies.  Initiates referrals as needed.

  1. Works with administration on scheduling matters as needed.  Works to see that students are placed appropriately in classes.

  1. Monitors course work with outside agencies as needed (EAC, correspondence, etc.)  Works to present accurate and relevant career and educational information to students.

  1. Organizes a scholarship program for graduating seniors.  Provides assistance and support to faculty when appropriate or needed.  Keeps accurate records to help students and parents keep informed of students' credit standing.

  1. Completes other related tasks as assigned by the Principal.

Application Details:
To be considered for this position, individuals should submit the following:

1. Application
2. Current Resume 
3. Transcripts

Apply Online, and upload a current resume and an unofficial copy of transcripts.

Job Requirements:

Must possess an ADE School . Counselor Certificate:

Must have one of the following:
Completed a graduate program in guidance and counseling

Have a Masterís degree in counseling, social work or psychology

Have a Masterís or advanced degree and a behavioral health license

Completed an academic advising graduate program

Certified as a school counselor outside of Arizona


District Hiring Policies:
Successful candidates must be fingerprinted and are responsible for the cost of the background checks.

The Safford Unified School District is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of national origin, race, creed, color, sex, age, marital status, or handicapping condition in its educational or employment opportunities.
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