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Wednesday, May 12, 2021  
Job Posting: Technology: Junior/Senior Systems Adm

Job Description Position:
Technology: Junior/Senior Systems Adm

Job Category:
Classified: Junior/Senior Systems Adm


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Until Filled
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As Soon As Possible

Salary will be based on experience and training in the IT field

Job Position Details:

JOB TITLE:  Junior / Senior Systems Administrator

REPORTS TO:  Technology Coordinator

JOB DESCRIPTION:  Assists Systems Administrators / System Engineer in overseeing and maintaining the network operations, communications, and access systems.  Senior status will be determined based on experience level, demonstrated skills, overall performance, and position availability.


  1. Assists IT Systems Administrator / Engineer in maintaining all network operations and ensuring the network is up and running at all times.

  1. Documents systems and configuration changes for all access and communications systems.

  1. Implements, maintains, secures, and manages all equipment and systems dealing with access and communications ensuring systems are operational at all times.  This includes but is not limited to:

  • Internet Connectivity and Filtering

  • Wireless Access Points

  • Phones

  • Switches and Routers 

  • Mobile Device Management (FileWave)

  • User Accounts and Integration between Systems

  • Video Surveillance Systems

  • Campus PA and Bell Systems

  • Network Copiers, Printers, and Faxing

  1. Researches, analyzes, and makes recommendations for bandwidth and Internet configurations and purchasing for E-Rate applications.  

  1. Serves as an adviser for and oversees all areas of IT Technicians.

  1. Junior Systems Administrator serves as part-time technician completing work orders as assigned.  Senior Systems Administrator fills in for technicians when needed.

  1. Researches licensing, compatibility, and account integration on software.

  1. Facilitates and maintains staff and student information data flow between all in-house and third-party systems.

  1. Works with Technology Curriculum Specialists to research, maintain and teach Maker Technology as part of the TTC programs (i.e. 3-D printing, coding, robotics, etc.).

  1. Maintains physical equipment and the environment in all server rooms, MDFs and IDFs.

  1. Able to use team organization systems, multi-task without losing attention to detail or product quality, focus on deploying quality products,  provide excellent customer service, and schedule/project plan.

  1. Maintains up-to-date knowledge in the field of networking and technology by participating in training and workshops.

  1. Effectively communicates technical information to staff in a positive manner.

  1. Performs such other tasks or duties as assigned by the supervisor.

Application Details:
To be considered for this position, individuals should Apply Online. Please upload a copy of any certificates or endorsements held.

Job Requirements:


District Hiring Policies:
Successful candidates must be fingerprinted and are responsible for the cost of the background checks.

The Safford Unified School District is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of national origin, race, creed, color, sex, age, marital status, or handicapping condition in its educational or employment opportunities.
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